Creating, Growing, & Protecting Investors’ Wealth  in Prescott…Since 1961

Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm. RWSMI specializes in creating securities portfolios that are unique for each client. We actively manage all of our portfolios with an emphasis on conservative and proven techniques with equal weighting on fundamentals and pricing considerations.

Roxie Webb Securities Management was founded on
and remains committed to fiduciary responsibility.

Wealth Management in Prescott AZ

The Rough Rider, bronze
Erected 1907, Courthouse Plaza
Prescott, Arizona

Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc. was founded on and remains committed to fiduciary responsibility. That obligation is to put the client’s best interests above any other considerations including any “conflicts of interest.”

The majority of financial products and advice are driven by commissions paid to sales people. Commissions involve an unarguable conflict between the sales person’s and the client’s needs.

Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc. is a “fee only” company selling no products of any kind. There are no hidden costs.  The business premise and history of Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc. is that clients who receive real value in the form of financial results will be long term clients.

“Real value” means doing well with the monetary assets under management, but it also includes the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets are being managed by experienced professionals with no conflicts of interest.

The “Prudent Man Rule,” is the standard for every trade we make and for the financial guidance we provide at Roxie Webb Securities Management. The “Rule” states that a fiduciary “must act as a prudent man or woman would be expected to act, with discretion and intelligence to seek reasonable income, preserve capital, and, in general, avoid speculative investments.”

Creating wealth with a securities portfolio, managing it, and preserving legacies is what the Webb family businesses have been providing in Prescott, since 1961.

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