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Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc. is an asset/security management firm established and operated by a fifth generation Prescott family.  Webb Family History

The late Rockwell “Roxie” L. Webb opened Prescott’s first modern stock brokerage Company in Prescott in 1961.

Today, Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc., primarily manages portfolios for clients who reside in Arizona, but who may live in other states as well.


Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc., provides proven conservative asset management services with a high standard of customer care and investment performance.

Clients receive full-time supervision of their securities, as well as accessibility to management regarding the guidance of their accounts. RWSMI uses state-of-the-art computer software in its management and research programs. Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc., is always “on line,” continuously, monitoring client accounts and keeping in touch with the major financial markets.

Roxie Webb Jr.


Donna Curtis, Roxie Webb, & Kendrick Webb