Core Services


Prescott Wealth ManagementWhen Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc., is retained by a new client, much care is given to the introduction process. That sharing of information normally involves analysis of personal financial statements, going over sources of income and expenses, reviewing tax returns, wills, trusts, and other relevant facts. Goals are established cooperatively between RWSMI and the client after a thorough analysis of needs and objectives. Objectives do change from time to time, and shifts in portfolio structure can always be made in consideration of new directions.


Commission charges are charged to customer accounts by the brokerage firm or firms through which Roxie Webb Securities Mangement, Inc. trades.

The policy of Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc., is to trade with established top-grade discount brokerage firms that charge low commissions, but whom also provide superior trading executions along with industry leading administrative and technological support services.


Success in securities management is measured by profitability and customer satisfaction. Competition in asset management these days is intense, and positive results are best realized through the efforts of professional and full-time securities’ management.

While some people are successful in managing their own securities programs, they rarely have the skills, experience, or time to achieve maximum results consistent with their needs and objectives.

Most investors who administer their own programs are prone to fall into the trap of the physician or lawyer who treats himself. Emotions can get in the way of rational thought when one’s own finances are involved.


Dividends and interest income are important considerations, even if a client’s primary needs aren’t high levels of income.

Stocks, for example, which may fall in price, but which have a history of paying dividends, often reach the bottom of a price decline at a point where the current yield of the dividend is near the interest rate paid on standard bank savings accounts.

Further, every dollar of dividend income received reduces a client’s risk in stock ownership. Non-dividend or low-paying dividend stocks, by virtue of that feature, can only generate a return by means of capital gains which may or may not occur.


A suggested minimum opening portfolio value of $350,000 provides a basic guideline, but special circumstances, as determined by the portfolio manager, may dictate making an exception to that guideline.   We can provide a consultation and portfolio review regardless of value to help you with your assets at no charge and encourage you to schedule a review.

Decisions about new account minimum balances are made on a case by case basis.


Each Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc. client has his or her own portfolio which is created and maintained to match individual needs and performance expectations. Strategies utilized by Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc. are designed to promote asset growth, income, or some combination of the two. All investment structures are alike in that they are conservative in nature with low asset turnover.

Many Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc., clients are retired, and programs designed to meet their needs are created for investment performance, the convenience of administrative services, and overall peace of mind.  Diversification of assets is a traditional means of reducing risk and a core strategy employed by RWSMI.

The opportunities for profitability are enhanced by a balanced program. Balancing is achieved by placing assets in considered percentages of stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, money market funds, and similar instruments suitable for individual clients.


All portfolios managed by Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc. are managed on a discretionary basis. That means that all decisions regarding the buying and selling of securities within the portfolio can be made by RWSMI. Clients are encouraged to offer their input or to discuss matters related to their holdings at any time.


Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc. specializes in the selection and management of securities selected for each client’s particular needs. RWSMI works primarily in the securities of individual companies, because it is easier and more profitable for the client to be in visible securities. This practice can reduce risk inherent in the general market.


Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc. often works with the client’s accountant, attorney, and other representatives to create a viable and effective financial/estate package. All estate work is undertaken recognizing that thoughtful structure in the present can provide many benefits for the clients themselves and for their ultimate beneficiaries.


Roxie Webb Securities Management, Inc. provides comprehensive services for each client. These include precise record keeping, collection of income, day-to-day supervision of assets, transaction reports, frequent portfolio updates, and an annual tax summary of events during the calendar year.